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Feeling it!

(Petra Joy - Strawberry Seductress)

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Feeling it!
Article number: AT19814
Starring: Emilia Ren, Lili La Chrosse, Mia Magic, Violetta Storm, Yosi Moran
Category(ies): Black, Cumshots, Lesbians, Oral, straight, Toys
Specials: Bonus scene, Chapter-selection, DVD-Rom Compatible, Making of, Moving Menues, Original Sound, Photobooks, reportages
Language: English
Origin : UKRun time: 70 min.Scenes: 8
Image format: 4:3 (PAL)Region encoding: Code FreeAge classification: no informations
Sound: Dolby Stereo
Original Title: Feeling it!
"Feeling It... Not Faking It!"

After the great success of her films "Sexual Sushi" and "Female Fantasies", Petra Joy published her long awaited third erotic film "Feeling it!" in March 2008. Petra has become renowned for her sensual, artistic porn films that are being praised by the adult industry as well as the mainstream press and most importantly the viewers. In "Feeling it!" Petra stays true to her magic formula: The Vignettes are artistic visualisations of a huge variety of sensual pleasures, with female enjoyment always being the main focus.

Petra’s motto "Feeling it, not faking it!" is being embraced passionately by the authentic amateur performers. The results are breathtaking (female) orgasms and a humane portrayal of human sensuality to inspire the viewers. Petra’s films break away from stereotypical and discriminative characterisation of people in many porn films - such as women being "dirty sluts" and black men being nothing more than a "cocks on legs":

"To me the performers are individuals with their unique, physical and emotional needs and desires, rather than well oiled “fuck machines” that go through the motions of porn. I enjoy to challenge prejudices and stereotypes that we have about gender, race and sexuality. I believe in the equality of sexes and races and I strive to create what could be called 'humanist' porn"

The film's stories are based on erotic fantasies that women shared with Petra. Some are Petra's own. The fantasies are the basis of a vignette – what happens sexually is up to the performers. All performers only experience sexually on set what gives them genuine pleasure. The shoots are creative teamwork and there is time for intimacy and sensual play to develop as Petra has no check list of positions that need to be ticked off.

One aspect that is hugely neglected in mainstream porn done for men by men is to show men as objects of the female desire. Somehow in history the man's genitals became eradicated, knocked off from antique sculpture and censored in contemporary art and advertising. Whereas breasts and often vaginas as well are common place in our visual culture, the penis (even the flaccid one) is nowhere to be seen. Petra says:

"There is a distinct lack of pin up culture for women who enjoy looking at naked men. If women want to see hot men, they have to look at gay iconography and or porn. Women are visual creatures too and want to enjoy “eye candy”. This is why I like to show hot straight or bi men playing with themselves in my films."

Petra continues to work as an independant filmmaker with high production values: Although all performers have up to date sexual health certificates, they practice safe sex. Petra explains: "It is important to me to promote safe sex and show that sex with condoms and lube can be extremely passionate and pleasurable."

"Feeling it!" continues to cross over the boundaries between art and porn by featuring artistic sex scene with explicit content such as a body paint sequence and a girl-on-girl play scene where a lace pattern on the girls' bodies was created through shadows from a parasol. These kind of scenes are essential to and unique in Petra’s films:

"I love to shoot artistic scenes that feature sex but rather than showing all the explicit details brightly lit and (porno-)graphic, I choose to add layers through body paint or shadows. Rather than bombarding the image bank in the brain of the viewer with clear cut hard-core images that they have seen many times before, I enjoy to inspire the viewer’s imagination with more creative imagery. It's about inspiration and titillation. That's the essence of erotica to me."

For Petra her art-core erotic films are more than materialistic venture, banking on the ever-growing market of women and couples as the new adult product consumers:

"I strive to liberate the viewers of my films. I would like to empower women to focus on their own erotic pleasures without being embarrassed or ashamed. I enjoy encouraging men to pamper women. This is why I like to show women receiving oral sex and also play with their clitoris during penetration."
The focus of my erotic films is female pleasure. I would like to empower the women who appear and who view my films to experience their own personal pleasures away from the stereotypes of female sexuality in mainstream porn. Most porn is done by men for men, expressing male desires. No wonder these films do not turn women on. I feel the need to create an alternative to the flood of images that reduce women to their genitals.

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